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We help clients in all sectors at every stage of their business journey: from start up firms to large International businesses. We’re a Full Service Digital Marketing & Financial PR agency that also runs remarkably successful SEO campaigns in competitive and regulated sectors. MPM+ powers significant growth and delivers exceptional Return on Investment.

What we do

Growth Acceleration


We're a Full Service Digital Marketing & Financial PR agency that also runs remarkably successful SEO campaigns in the most competitive and regulated sectors

Financial PR

We are experts in our fields, combining the expertise of bankers, fund managers, in-house investor relations, journalists and communications professionals as well as Corporate Finance specialists


Our team’s experience spans senior in-house roles at high profile NASDAQ, FTSE 100, 250 and AIM listed companies, in addition to wealth and fund management


Unlike traditional Financial PR companies, we take an active role in securing capital investment from International Investors, Institutions and SWFs

Leveraging Financial PR

Financial Public Relations & Corporate Strategy

MPM+ is your strategic partner as you enter the next stage of exceptional growth. Supporting and promoting your business and key leadership team in order to proactively create investment demand. Positioning your business as the key player in your sector Nationally and Internationally opening up access to both domestic and foreign investment channels.

Our Expertise

Going beyond the limited scope of traditional Financial PR and Investor Relations MPM+ actively positions your business to dominate the media space for your sector and industry.

Our focus

MPM+ are strategic partners that quickly become integral to your business. Our exposure and network shapes the perception of all external stakeholders while powering growth.

Our Services

MPM+ exponentially enhance business & personal reputation

Whatever the stage of your funding cycle or busniness objectives MPM+ makes raising funding easier, creates demand for IPOs and Placings, and positions your business leaders as the Key People of Influence in your sector. We also raise your profile before your own clients, partners, employees, suppliers and competitors.

Capital Requirements

Unlike traditional Financial PR companies MPM+ takes an active role in securing capital investment, listing or suitable M&A. Whatever your sector, your business and key leadership team require significant exposure to challenge and enhance market reputation throughout the UK and Internationally.


Our extensive contact base covers the financial media, national business sections, investment columns, and tip sheets and includes fund managers, private client brokers, equity sales teams, sell-side and buy-side research analysts, corporate brokers, and corporate finance teams.


Our experience and position in the City of London and California ensures we have direct access to funding opportunities across all financial markets.

Search Engines

MPM+ retains some of the most experienced and Search Engine Optimization experts in the World. We will grow your business and take significant market share from your competitors. You should be appearing in every search related to your business or sector.

Investor Relations

We understand the increasing complexity of the role of IR, and the alignment of strategic communication, to prepare for and navigate the challenges that arise through the course of the financial year, business transformations and special situations.

Leverage Our Network

The MPM+ Financial PR network of advisors, Lawyers, Corporate Finance houses, Corporate Brokers, NOMADS, Institutional Investors, Hedge Fund Managers, Private Equity Specialists and Foreign Wealth Funds means that after laying the foundations of exposure we can introduce you to the right people, at the right time.

Seed Capital

Our clients vary widely, with market values ranging from £0.5 million to over £150 million across numerous sectors & territories. Initial capital tranches can be the hardest to secure which underlines the importance of positioning and exposure.

International Investors

Significant Capital Investment sits outside of the UK & Eurozone. MPM+ specialize in leveraging Financial PR across the Gulf Cooperation Council, North America, China and South East Asia including language specific publications as well as translating your website into 32 Languages.

Financial TV

By leveraging targeted TV appearances and features, we not only boost visibility but also establish our clients as authoritative voices in their sector. At MPM+, we're not just sharing messages; we're crafting powerful, televised narratives that resonate with investors and drive real-world results.

Market Share

As we elevate company visibility and credibility this heightened profile not only attracts investors but also captures the attention of potential customers and partners. Our clients enjoy an expanded market presence, gaining increased recognition and demand.


At MPM+, we actively uphold the highest professional standards and regulations. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond mere compliance; we view the UK and International Regulatory Compliance Frameworks as our starting point, not our limit.

Personal PR

At MPM+, we not only boost the visibility and credibility of client companies but also raise the profile of their owners and leadership teams. By positioning these individuals as sector experts, we enhance both the company's brand and the reputation of its leaders, reinforcing their authority and influence in their industries.

Announcement Syndication

We specialize in announcements to a broad international audience. Our approach ensures that important news reaches not just local but global stakeholders. International dissemination not only amplifies the visibility of our clients but also positions them as global players in their respective industries.

Video & Podcasts

Our in-house team produces engaging videos and podcasts for our clients, taking financial PR to the next level. These formats make companies more accessible and personal, allowing leaders to directly connect with a wider audience.


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